Olive Real Estate Group markets commercial properties of all types and sizes. We put our expertise into action for our clients. In addition to teamwork, experience and name recognition, we offer state-of-the-art marketing tools to maximize exposure of all our properties.

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  • Advise and provide agency services to our clients in occupancy transactions including conventional leases, acquisitions, joint ventures, lease restructuring, build-to-suit and sale-leaseback.


  • Advise or provide agency services to clients on the disposition of real estate including the sale of fee, leasehold and partnership interests, condominiums and air rights. Olive can assist in helping to understand the “Real Value” of such real estate, in providing unbiased market analysis and aid in making difficult but informed discussions about “discounting prices.”


  • Find and place capital to support real estate transactions. We work with our clients to evaluate and select the best alternative for minimizing occupancy costs in the chosen real estate structure.



  • Provide agency services to enhance and maximize returns on equity through our extensive contact network, negotiating expertise and market knowledge.


  • Provide agency services for the acquisition and disposition of commercial real estate equities. Transactions include the sale of fee, leasehold and partnership interests and tax free exchanges.


  • Structure financing terms and access capital to meet the various financial objectives for owners of commercial real estate.




The retail industry and individual retailers are continually reinventing themselves to capture the attention of and entice the buying public.  Today, this evolution happens in shorter and shorter cycles. Olive Real Estate Group has the experience and the technology to keep pace with these trends and assist our clients in making effective, profitable and timely decisions.  Our expertise enables us to satisfy the needs of tenants and owners or investors in today’s marketplace- -with an eye toward the future


In an area such as Southern Colorado, where the quality of life and economy are so desirable, many companies have chosen to expand or even relocate corporate headquarters here.  These companies range from regional to national to international—each with its own unique budget, location, and requirement challenges. Olive Real Estate Group embraces the challenge of creating a dynamic match of client and space.  We represent and research premium office space in technology centers and the central business district, as well as smaller, lower-profile locations throughout the City.


As technology continues to elevate industry and manufacturing to new levels of efficiency, industrial property is ever changing and in high demand.  Olive Real Estate Group keeps pace with these changes, and with the highly specialized types of facilities required, by constant interaction with users and property owners.


Premium land in Southern Colorado is a sought-after commodity whether for immediate development or future resale.  Olive Real Estate Group is the resident expert on solid choices with immediate and future potential.  We have a track record of producing great returns on land investments.  Our site selection skills have achieved excellent results for business owners and developers alike.


Commercial Real Estate is and will continue to be a preferred long-term investment. Opportunities to invest in improved property and vacant land in Colorado Springs and throughout Southern Colorado abound, and Olive Real Estate Group provides “insider” knowledge, expertise and the best prospects based upon our understanding of the goals and investment style of our clients.


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Development Services

Over 1.75 Million Square Feet of Experience
Sale / Lease-Back | Build-to-Suits | Award-Winning Projects

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Olive Real Estate Group assists clients with risk assessment, site selection, design, construction management, budget review–in other words, overall development coordination. We are positioned to streamline and centralize all phases of the development process.

Site Selection & Acquistion

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Title Review
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Soils Investigations and drainage studies
  • Availability of utilities
  • Selection of legal counsel
  • Analysis of demographic and market information
  • Survey of traffic patterns and site accessibility
  • Topography
  • Zoning and surrounding neighborhood

Construction Management

  • Within budget
  • On time scheduling
  • Life cycle costing
  • Design management
  • Draw administration

Building Design

  • Establish budget
  • Selection of architect and contractor
  • Explore design/build options
  • Life cycle costing


  • Construction & permanent financing
  • Build-to-suit lease information
  • Sale leaseback
  • Equity and joint venture structuring

Marketing & Leasing Plan

  • Analysis/marketing plan
  • Direct Sales
  • Database profile
  • cooperating broker
  • Economic Development council participation
  • Advertsigin
  • Reporting
  • Marketing materials
  • Marketing budget

Planning & Approvals

  • Concept plan
  • Development plan
  • Zoning change
  • Use variance
  • Neighborhood issues
  • Covenants
  • Established relationships with City Officials


Property Management

Our experienced staff works diligently to enhance revenue return and assure the continued appreciation of each property managed through the implementation of effective, professional tenant retention programs, application of proven operating cost controls and strategic long range planning using the latest, most sophisticated in house accounting and software.

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We help define your goals

  • Pro-active Development of Property operating expense and capital budgets
  • Complete Financial reporting
  • Construction management of renovations, tenant improvements and capital improvements
  • On-going lease renewals
  • Employ and supervise all on-site employees or contractors
  • Overall property security
  • Operating expenses and debt service payments
  • Real and personal property tax evaluations by recommended tax consultants
  • Continuous review of insurance coverage limits and pricing for fire, extended coverage and liability insurance
  • Regular on-site inspection, supervision, and evaluation of properties
  • Tenant billing and CAM reconciliation
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Collections

Asset Management

To preserve and enhance the value of your commercial real estate investment by providing real estate development consulting, asset management and construction management services to national, regional and local financial institutions, banks, lenders and loan servicing organizations, as well as insurance companies, private equity groups, and private lenders.

  • Pre-foreclosure and distressed loan management
  • Loan recovery and REO management
  • Comprehensive investment analysis and marketing packages
  • Feasibility and market analysis
  • Strategic repositioning and asset disposition
  • Receiver services
  • Project management & development consulting
  • Financial management, modeling and packaging
  • Entitlements and political lobbying
  • Construction estimation and permitting services
  • Sub vision development services


REO Services

Real Estate Owned and Pre-foreclosure

Providing investors, lenders and servicers with quality management and disposition solutions of their non-yielding assets.  From identifying the constraints and liabilities impacting the disposition of weakened assets to signing on the dotted line; we provide a full range of educated solutions.

  • Identify Constraints and Liabilities
  • Feasibility and Market Analysis
  • Maximum Disposition Value
  • Aggressive Local and National Marketing

Receivership Services

Preserve & Protect the Value of Your Assets

Providing individual owners, ownership entities and lenders with comprehensive, skilled real property and asset management.  From analyzing all aspects of the property and determining rental rates, budgets and asset value, to hiring qualified professionals to preserve the value of the income stream.

  • Comprehensive Property and Asset Management
  • Financial Management
  • Maximize Operating Income
  • Trustworthy and Competent

Project Management

Providing Quality Control, On Time – On Budget

Guiding you through the planning, design and development process with professional firsthand knowledge.  Our personal experience in this arena gives us an on-going insight into the process of managing your project to ensure maximum quality, cost control and forward progression.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Budget and Schedule Coordination
  • Entitlements
  • Design and Construction Management
  • Occupancy Management
  • Project Completion
  • Continue Support



Investments | Developments | Disposition | Acquisitions

  • Develop Long Range Sales and/or Leasing Marketing Plan to Meet Ownership Goals and Objectives
  • Help Formulate a General strategy which will be Responsible to Balance Sheet and Income Statement Concerns while being Responsive to Business Needs
  • Coordinate and Oversee a Real Estate Audit so that Real Estate Holdings and Obligations can be Compiled and Strategic Opportunities can be Assessed
  • Creative Approaches and Solutions for Real Estate
  • Oversee the Valuation of all your property
  • Review Sale and Financing Alternatives
  • Restructure Ownership Positions
  • Negotiate Joint Venture Agreements



We Work Hard to Understand Your Needs

No one knows more about your company and what’s best for it than you, but we can learn. Through experience, hard work, tough questions, extensive research, thorough analysis and total immersion into your business and industry, we will come to understand our requirements to integrate what we do best. – Complementing what you do best

  • Sophisticated Market Analysis
  • Comprehensive Financial Models
  • Seasoned Insight
  • Pro-forma Investment Model


We want everyone to know our business

We implement professional, sophisticated marketing strategies that identify qualified users for our clients‘ properties and include an aggressive introduction of the property to the marketplace. When  considering the extent of our services, please do not limit them to printing of brochures, running of ads, and the making of a few telephone calls. Rather, you should view us as true professionals who know and understand the market, who know how to communicate, are on the job full-time, and who don‘t get paid unless we produce price and terms acceptable to you.

Marketing is a full-time business