Best in Business: Celebrating the successes

Colorado Springs takes a lot of heat: We’re too conservative, too old, too military.

But there are other adjectives that describe the city and the wildly varied people who keep the wheels turning and the economy pumping. Words like successful, innovative, creative and yes, even fun. On a good day, Colorado Springs is sometimes very cool – full of quirky boutiques, great restaurants, exciting venues, great views and wonderful hidden gems.

It’s time we recognize that Colorado Springs really is a great place to live and work and play – stop accepting all those negatives and embrace the positives. We’re a bustling metropolis full of smart, energetic people who are making things happen on a grand scale – college students working together on new businesses, software and engineering firms working on the latest apps, startups so innovative they’re finally attracting the notice of the deep pockets to the north.

It didn’t happen overnight – and it won’t continue without the efforts of the entire city. And if we aren’t very diligent, very creative and very cool, we’ll lose those exciting new startups to the brighter lights of the bigger cities.

The Colorado Springs Business Journal is doing it’s part to celebrate business, to attract attention to those business owners and entrepreneurs who are doing it right. This week, we highlighted the Best in Business, and took an afternoon to toast those successes that make the city hum. You can read about the success stories chosen by our readers in the Focus section of this week’s paper.

Without each of those businesses, large and small, the city would be a much different place. The contributions of CEOs who serve on non-profit boards and employee who volunteer on the weekends help the city’s many non-profits succeed in their missions. The city’s young professionals bring enthusiasm and new ideas. And a variety of groups are growing our own ecosystem through startups and entrepreneurship. Higher education in Colorado Springs continues to thrive, building on success of graduates and developing the workforce the city needs to remain competitive.

But each of these efforts won’t be successful working alone. We need to share resources, combine strengths and make use of the skills of the engineers, scientists, artists and entrepreneurs who call Colorado Springs home. We need to prepare for the future by developing a workforce ready for the challenges we’ll face in the future. We’ll need to invest in infrastructure and in our people.

This week, we celebrate the innovation and creativity of the local business community, recognizing that there’s so much more to Colorado Springs than the critics believe.

Here’s to you, Colorado Springs!

– Ralph Routon, Executive Editor

Best Commercial Real Estate Broker
Olive Real Estate Group (tie with Hoff & Leigh)

If it’s raw land, industrial property, investment land, multi-family properties, retail developments or office complexes you, other investors and tenants are interested in, Olive Real Estate Group is the company for you, according to Business Journal readers.

Since 1976, the company has prided itself on serving clients as they expand their businesses, relocate, develop and invest “to reap business and financial gain in this area so ripe with opportunity,” according to it’s LinkedIn profile. “We know the Southern Colorado commercial real estate market inside and out. We’ve experienced it’s highs and lows – successfully.”

2nd Place: CBRE

3rd Place: Quantum Commercial Group

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